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Maybe at this time you are wondering: Why my relationships are not working or seem to be so unsatisfying? Maybe you are experiencing anxiety to the point that it is impacting not only your relationships but your work and your career? Or maybe you feel depressed and it had been this way for a long time but you were able to ‘funcion’ until now when it is become overwhelming?

I enjoy working with adults, adolescents, couples and families and help them to understand what needs to be changed, to take action and follow through until they see changes and a more satisfying life. My goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment to explore and confront thoughts, feelings and belief that had become obstacles to achieving your dreams. My philosophy to induce change is results oriented. To achieve results I rely on a collaborative relationship with you, I will help you make a commitment to make these changes and will follow through until we accomplish the goals you set for your life.

Not familiar with psychotherapy or you need to learn more about it, please view our What To Expect Page.

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My goal is to help you attain your goals in a supportive therapeutic environment. I will assess your needs, customize a plan of action just for you and we are expected to work in a cooperative partnership towards your goal.

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Forms & Policies

Please find copies of Forms & Policies you are required to fill in and bring to your first session. These forms are password protected and you will have access to them after your first phone consultation with Dr Burgio.

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Resources & Articles

Here you can find some resources and articles I found useful and are consistent with the type of concerns or issues some of my clients had struggled with. Information on this page is expected to change at least monthly.

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